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Taking driving lessons is one of the most important steps you'll take in your life. The freedom that driving gives you can literally change your life forever.

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1st Driving School, Car Driving School

Callum Guthrie

1st Driving School, Car Driving School

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Frequently ask Questions

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You need to be at least 17 or 16 if you get the enhanced rate of mobility component of personal independence payment (PIP)

You will need a provisional driving licence which can be applied for at the post office or online opens new window (opens in new window)

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) recommend 44 hours of professional lessons to pass a driving test, everyone learns at their own pace so this is only an average figure.

Your lessons can be one, one and a half or two hours long depending on your availability and your driving instructors.

Automatic vehicles are easier to learn in and if you have a disability or limited mobility they will probably be the best choice for you. However if you pass your driving test in an automatic vehicle your licence will only allow you to drive an automatic, if you pass your driving test in a manual vehicle you are legally allowed to drive manual and automatic.

No you can start your driving lessons before passing your theory test, all of our pupils have free access to the app "Theory Test Pro" to help you practice for the theory exam.

You can pay cash on the day with your driving instructor or through our website.

Why choose us

1st Driving School is the Midlands leading and most professional driving school.

1st Driving School, Car Driving School


5 star reviews on and many other review sites

1st Driving School, Car Driving School


We only have fully qualified driving instructors who are patient & friendly

1st Driving School, Car Driving School


To register for the free “Theory Test Pro” app opens new window

What our students say about us:

“1st Driving School is the best motoring school around, they have reliable instructors and are very down to earth and polite instructors who treat people like a good friend. My instructor was Kevin Hopps and he is a great instructor and I wasn't with him long and I passed my test thanks to Kevin.”

Anthony Wallace

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“Passed first time! Excellent driving instructor, Ash. Have confidence in me and really taught me how to drive. Always feedback given and constructive criticism, I really ought to thank him for the lessons.”

David Animashaun

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“PASSED FIRST TIME! Would like to thank Ash for his amazing support never could of made it happen without him.”

Tameka Henry

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“OUTSTANDING DRIVING SCHOOL.If you can, Kevin Hopps is the instructor your want. He was a very good instructor who was always on time and reliable. He is very patient and is always willing to teach those who are willing to learn. His car was always in immaculate condition he never tried to take the mick by longing the lesson amount to pass, as soon as you felt ready he would be recommending you book a test if you haven’t already. Would definitely recommend 1st Driving School to anyone who wants to learn or even to do an extended driving courses, and especially the driving instructor Kevin Hopps.”

Josh Baum

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