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Student Reviews

What Our Students Say About Mark Reveley

Emma Brown

Emma Brown Photo Would highly recommend this driving school. I did my lessons in a automatic with a fantastic instructor Mark and he made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and built my confidence up to pass my test 1st time, amazing.

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Catherine Alberto

Catherine Alberto Photo Mark was my driving instructor and he was excellent. He's very patient and helpful no matter what happened. He went through different sets of questions for my theory which helped me a lot. For the practical, he always ask me first what areas do I want to work on and he'll focus on that. We also practiced different routes to help me practice for my practical and I passed first time .

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Saul Phillips

Saul Phillips Photo Excellent Driving Instructor. Would definitely recommend 1st Driving School to anyone wanting manual or automatic lessons. My instructor Mark was extremely helpful and patient no matter what happened, lessons were focused on the areas which I wanted to work on all while practicing on many of the possible test routes which helped prepare me for my test.

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Roland Hantosi

Roland Hantosi Photo I have passed first time with Mark Reveley because he was so patient, friendly and very helpful even when you make a mistake. He doesn't get angry or impatient when you keep doing something wrong. For me, it was a tough decision finding a good instructor but I found the best I could. I can only recommend him for anyone who is looking for an instructor, you wont regret it.

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Naomi Patterson

Naomi Patterson Photo Highly recommend Revs, he has the patience of a saint and never gives up on you!! Constantly looking at the positives and reminds you that you can do it if you keep at it.

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Frayah Pritchard

Frayah Pritchard Photo I initially was with another driving school and suffered from a bad accident due to my driving instructors negligence. After building up the courage to finally start driving again, I went with Mark Reveley. He is the perfect driving instructor for anyone but especially those who haven't had a great experience previously. After only around 5 and a half months of driving with Mark doing 2 hours a week I was more confident than ever before and I passed my driving test first time. He was a real help, really patient and very reliable. He is also friendly which really helped in making me feel comfortable. I would recommend Mark for driving again and I hope in a few weeks to do some motorway driving with him.

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Joanne Slater

Joanne Slater Photo I can't thank Mark enough for everything he has taught me over the past 7 months, he has been so patient and calm throughout all my lessons and never once made me feel bad for any mistakes I may have made. Not only is he a fantastic instructor but is also the kindest man I've met! He has changed my life. Thank you.

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Rory Hostler

Rory Hostler Photo This is Rory's mum (I paid for the lessons so should have my say!). First thing to say is - Rory passed 1st time!!! Both theory and practical! Mark Reveley was recommended to me by a good friend who got a first time pass with him, he had been recommended to her by another friend (again first time pass). I can't recommend Mark enough. He is patient, personable and obviously good at getting first time passes!

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Leanne Holland

Leanne Holland Photo Mark is an amazing teacher, would recommend him to anyone wishing to learn how to drive. He always makes his lessons fun, while you learn. Thanks again Mark for helping me pass my test!

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Kirsten Lowe

Kirsten Lowe Photo Mark Reveley is a fantastic instructor!! I passed first time all thanks to him! Mark was so patient and encouraging which helped so much with my confidence. I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks again :)

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Nicholas Powell

Nicholas Powell  Photo I couldn't wait to start my driving lessons and for the past couple of years Ive noticed 1st Driving School cars around and thought that's who I want my lessons with as they looked cool. Mark was really down to earth and made me feel relaxed straight away. I was quite nervous on the test day but Mark had the confidence in me and he knew that I could do it and I did!

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Ross Duffy

Ross Duffy Photo 1st Driving School offer a truly outstanding service. They taught me how to drive, not just how to pass a test.

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